Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

The 4th of July breakfast was another great success!  A huge thank you to all who participated, volunteered or came to enjoy the morning.  With the uncertain weather we were experiencing this year, the location was moved to the community center.  Over 200 were served and we raised almost $1300 after expenses for various mission projects!  Thanks again for your continued support of Minneola.

Unbinding with Grace

God of all consolation and compassion, 
your Son comforts the grieving 
your breath alone brings life 
to dry bones and weary souls. 
Pour out your Spirit upon me, 
that I may face despair and death 
with the hope of resurrection 
                                        and faith in the One 
                                             who unbound Lazarus from the grave. Amen. 
(adapted from Revised Common Lectionary Prayers copyright © 2002)

What are the things that hold you bound?  What makes you feel sad, anxious, powerless or trapped?  Can you breathe into these questions and discern with God and community what is weighing you down?  For me there are seasons. Seasons when I feel freed to be in the world, loving, acting and speaking in God’s glory and to God’s name.  And then there are seasons where I feel like Lazarus, bound, tied up and tied down in a tomb of the world (and probably my) making. (Luke 11:1-44). 

Some times that bound-ness is tighter than other times, but if I’m honest, there is always something that is holding me back, keeping me from acting because of fear.  Throughout the month of August, I invite and encourage you to consider what is weighing you down?  What keeps you from participating more fully in the life and work of God in this world? Maybe it’s a stressed relationship, a fear about the future, an open wound.  That which ties us down and keeps us from God comes in many forms.  We are always in need of confession, forgiveness and the power of Christ to unbind us in love, mercy and grace as he did so long ago with his dear friend Lazarus.  On Sunday August 25th join us for a service of unbinding with grace. And throughout your days, take time to discern that which weights you down and then release it as best you can with this prayer:

Lord, you are a God who makes all things new. Strengthen me; unbind me from the messages that try to control me. Walk with me; help me to live whole and to care for your gifts of body, mind and spirit. Amen. (Portico Benefit Services)


- Pr. Hannah