A Note From Pr. Hannah - June 2, 2020

Good evening family of faith. 

I am back and what a week to fast from all technology it was...

I know many of you were praying for and holding me throughout this past week and for that I am deeply grateful and humbled. It was felt and it was appreciated.

I just wanted to say a few things as we live into this week...

1. This week will be marked by the Holy Spirit. We are in the time of Pentecost and I invite all of you to join me as I pray to, and for the work of the Spirit to flow through me and to this world. The Spirit is both a comforter and an instigator and I am seeing her do some incredible work in our world. I pray you are able to as well. So join me as I cling to her and pray through this week. (for more of my thoughts on this, see my Go-live from Tuesday 2nd at 10:30am ish).

2. We will be having evening prayer tomorrow night, Wednesday June 3rd. That Spirit has led me to put together a service of confession and prayer. It will not be comfortable...for any of us. I am not looking forward to it, but I believe it is where the Spirit is guiding me, so I am going. I hope you choose to join me in that confession and prayer.

3. This week we will also be launching the Neighborhood Kitchen! This is a new ministry for Minneola and throughout the week I'll share both an email and additional FB posts about how it can help and how you can serve, so be in contact if that is something that interests you.

4. The Council is meeting on Thursday and the plan is to share more information around our hopes and plans moving forward through the summer as a worshiping community. So be on the look out over the weekend and into next week.

5. Sunday at 9:30 am we will gather. We will worship. We will pray, sing, and be the people of God, the body of Christ called to be, in just such a time as this.

Siblings in Christ, be where you are. Let the world, in all its joy and all its terror sink in and then hold it...right there. Now, let God, let the Spirit work from that place of uncertainty, confusion, tension and discomfort. God is creating, the Spirit is instigating and Jesus is calling us to be his body in this world.

May you see the presence of God in the world today,
- Pr. Hannah

P.S. I hope it goes without saying, but I am here. Reach out in fear, despair, anger, confusion, hope, joy or any other emotion. If you need someone to listen, I am here.

And now, as promised, the Council met last night and made some decisions regarding our summer worship schedule.  At this time Minneola will continue as we have been with live-stream Wednesday prayer and Sunday morning services.  Living fully into the requirements from the Minnesota Department of Health is going to take time so in order to ensure the health and safety of all our members, to keep the service as close to "normal" as possible and available to almost everyone, we will not yet meet as a community at Minneola.

With that said, the Council is also planning an outdoor worship on July 19th, so mark your calendars! Many details to follow but we plan to offer communion at this service and these intervening weeks offer us the time and space to plan and communicate properly so we all remain as safe and healthy as possible.  Following this service, we will resume live-streamed services for at least two weeks as we evalute the benefits and drawbacks of outdoor worship.

Personally, I also want to encourage you to consider gathing in small groups on Sunday morning to watch the service in community. Now this will not be feasible or advisable for some, please do not put yourself or your family at risk, but if you are beginning to gather with members of the faith family outside of worship, consider adding Sunday morning as well.  The Christian church has a long history of house churches and this would be a wonderful way to continue that legacy and begin gathering relatively safely on Sunday morning.

Thank you for all of your continued support, faith and prayers for the Minneola leadership as we navigate these unusual times.  As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of the Council members.