During the month of January our Youth Programming team takes time to rest, refresh and refocus.  There will be no Sunday programming until Feb. 2nd.

Sunday Schedule
Sunday January 5th

10:30 am Worship

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Minneola Lutheran Church ELCA is located 
1 mile off of Minnesota Highway 52 
on Goodhue County Road 50 at 

Five Years On the Road

As we enter 2020, we enter our fifth year together Minneola.   Partnered by the work of the Holy Spirit, we have walked some smooth and rough roads.  We have taken our fair number of detours, usually led by me.  And we are boldly embodying our way of being church, for the sake of Jesus Christ, in today’s world. 

Over the last five months I’ve participated in a professional development opportunity called “The Moses Project” which has provided me the impetus, space and desire to reflect on the past five years we’ve had together.   As well as time to ponder our future and who God is calling us to be in our particular context.  Most of this reflection has led me not to answers, but to gratitude.

Minneola, I am so deeply grateful for who you are as a community of faith.  As we said at the 150th celebration, we are a church who laughs together and cries together, but we are also a community who gives together, supports together, worships together, forms faith together and so much more.  We are not perfect, but we are a particular expression of the body of Christ in this world and I believe we are acting, believing and living out our faith beautifully, imperfectly of course, but beautifully.

And God continues to call.  Jesus continues to break us open for this world and the Spirit continues to inspire and sometimes nags us to do God’s work more fully. I am utterly delighted to have spent these last five years getting to know you, myself and God more fully and I anticipate with great expectation where God will call us in these next five and beyond.

Each of you and this faith community as a whole, is one of God’s gifts to this world.  May we continue to deepen our faith, strengthen our trust and soften our hearts all in the name of Jesus Christ…together.  Amen

- Pr. Hannah